Fast Delivery

We are the one who deliver faster than any other website. Under our services you have to pay just a cost of 24Rs as delivery charge and this charge won't change even if u buy three, two or single books it will be same for all and for your knowledge if you will buy two or three boobs at a time from any other website they will charge you according to it's quantity but we won't. But under our services you can just buy maximum 4book in a day it's not like this in any other site or local book store.

Delivery Rates

  • Next day Delivery – 10 Rs Include GST
  • Same Day – Coming Soon…….
  • Delivery Timing

  • Your order will be delivered the next day of the order placed at your college campus before 4:30PM.
  • Note - One User Can buy only 5 Items in a Day Including Stationery.